Celestine or celestite is a mineral consisting of strontium sulfate (SrSO4). The mineral is named for its delicate blue color. 

Celestine derives its name from the Latin word "celestas" meaning celestial, which in turn is derived from the Latin word "caecum" meaning sky or heaven.

Celestine crystals are found in geodes.Celestine can be in many places around the world such as such as in North America, Canada, South Western Africa but the pale blue crystal specimens are typical of Madagascar.

Every home deserves a room to find calm and peace of mind, that is what a celestine geode brings, especially if placed in the bedroom or kids room: just close your eyes, relax and surrender to a restful sleep.

Celestine is such a powerful crystal ally for relieving stress and anxiety, guiding your inner spirit towards light, it dissolves the pain of the soul.

Celestine is also known as the angel stone, it can strengthen the link between you and your guardian angel.

Besides creating an ideal environment for sleep, this stone also works to address your own personal energy. Celestine crystal inspires deep relaxation by restoring your natural state of joy.

According to Greek mythology celestite comes from a cluster of stars known as Pleiades, or The Seven Sisters, and this is a reason it possesses qualities of the heavens and angels.

We suggest cleaning your celestine crystal by rinsing it often with a soft cloth.

Use your celestine geode to charge your crystals simply by placing one or more crystals on the celestine crystal points inside the celestine geode or t cave and leave them there overnight.

Celestine (Celestite) Geode  11X10X5,5 cm 1,320 kg

Celestine (Celestite) Geode  11X10X5,5 cm 1,320 kg

53,00 €

Celestine (Celestite) Geode  12X10X8 cm 1,400 kg

Celestine (Celestite) Geode  12X10X8 cm 1,400 kg

58,00 €

Celestine (Celestite) Geode  13X11X6 cm 1,300 kg

Celestine (Celestite) Geode  13X11X6 cm 1,300 kg

54,00 €