Heart Bowl of Orange Selenite

Code: 42SEL007

Materials: Selenite

Origin: Marocco

Sizes: cup 10,5 x 9,5 x 3 cm

13,80 €

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The image is purely representative. The size of each stone may vary slightly from what is indicated.


Orange Selenite heart bowl. Heart = Love, compassion, empathy. The symbolism of love is linked to the heart. It is the deposit of the soul or spirit, passion, thought, life. As a symbol, since ancient times, it refers to the emotional spirituality and morality inherent in the human being.

This stone has the same properties as white selenite but this beautiful orange color transforms it into a stone of warm light which allows it to attract positive energies to itself and to the wearer. You can rely on this stone if you want to achieve any goal or desire that you think is unattainable. In fact, it encourages you to be positive towards yourself, towards others and towards life in general.

Please note: The stone may show signs or imperfections. The samples to be sent are randomly chosen by us from the batch of material available and we always try to choose the best for our customers. We remind you that if you want to choose one of our products from a multiple listing you can contact us before purchasing and we will be happy to try to meet your requirements.

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