Agate Pyramid

Code: 11AGA001

Materials: Agate

Sizes: 4,4 x 4,2 x 3 cm

Weight: 58 gr

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Pyramids are powerful energy accumulators. They represent the evolutionary process and contain the four elements that converge in a vertex, they symbolize the point where the Universal Energies converge. A pyramid is great for bringing energy and promoting concentration. For this purpose, it can be placed on the various chakras, or it can simply be held in the hand. In meditation it is placed on the forehead to disperse stress and tension.

In crystal therapy, AGATA "stone with many benefits". It has a cleaning and protective effect on the aura and in the rooms. It promotes harmony with oneself and in relationships with others. Help the shy and fearful build up their courage. Giving it means giving the person who receives it: luck, strength, courage, protection and well-being.

Please note: this is a natural stone that has been handcrafted, carved and polished. It can therefore present imperfections.

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