Pyrite Egg

Code: 08PIR006

Materials: Pyrite

Origin: Perù

Sizes: 5,2 x 4,3 cm

Weight: 0,250 kg

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The egg is birth, the propulsive action towards something new. Used in treatments, it transmits a particular imprinting, the stimulus to life. Their shape resembles the womb (for this reason they are considered a good luck charm for pregnant women). They are used to amplify the positive vibrations in environments, making them healthy and lucky. 

Pyrite meaning: the term derives from the Greek pyr, meaning "fire". In fact, pyrite is a flint, it produces sparks. It has been used since the Stone Age. 

Pyrite properties in crystal therapy: "stone of abundance and prosperity" considered a talisman capable of attracting good luck and money. It possesses important therapeutic properties, purifies the body, instills energy and courage, dissipating negativity and enhancing the optimism It allows you to become aware of your true nature, showing both the positive and negative sides of your nature, making you more lucid and able to face any kind of challenge.

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