Energy Crystals set

Code: 20SET007

Sizes: ca 2-4 cm

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The image is purely representative. The size of each stone may vary slightly from what is indicated.


POLYCHROME JASPER strengthens the physical body. It is the stone of stability, it represents the earth element.
HYALINE QUARTZ is used to align all chakras. It is an inexhaustible source of energy.
RED JASPER useful for quickly recovering physical strength, has a stabilizing effect, helps to regain all one's energy and use it in a more balanced way.
CORNIOLA is a stone of power, it helps in understanding the inner self and in overcoming one's limits.
GARNET strengthens the body's regenerative power. Promotes self-confidence, willpower and joy
N.B. The shapes and sizes of the stones can change between sets.

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