Aventurine face roller and Gua Sha - gift box

Code: 18AVV003

Materials: Aventurine

Sizes: roller 14X6X2 cm, gua sha 8X5 cm

Weight: 0,1 kg

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The image is purely representative. The size of each stone may vary slightly from what is indicated.


Roller + Gua Sha 

Roller: Natural stone face massager. The roller has long been used in skin care to make it brighter, softer and with a young and healthy appearance. Many VIPs use it to draw different BENEFITS: it stimulates blood circulation, has a soothing action, i.e. it relieves irritated or inflamed skin for example after hair removal, tones the facial muscles, reduces localized swelling (undereyes bags), dark circles and facial wrinkles, reduces stress and the resulting feeling of body tension.The roller can be used at room temperature, heated or cooled according to preference. Double roller design: Large stone for cheeks, forehead, neck. Small stone for nose, mouth, eyes.

Gua Sha: The facial treatment consists in gently "rubbing" the skin with a flat stone through specific ascending techniques that relax rigid muscles and promote lymphatic drainage. Provides a significant benefit to the circulation and removes the accumulation of stagnant toxins in the face. The goal of the treatment is precisely to improve blood flow to the skin and to relax the tension in the facial muscles that can cause wrinkles. With regular and constant use, it can tone the skin and promote greater elasticity.

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