Amethyst Druse

Code: 02AME151

Materials: Amethyst

Origin: Uruguay, Uruguay

Sizes: 6,5 x 6 x 3,5 cm

Weight: 0,173 kg

14,00 €

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Amethyst druse.

Amethyst meaning: the name of the stone derives from the Greek améthystos which means "he who does not get drunk", as according to the legend Bacchus, in love with a nymph who was transformed into a jewel, poured his wine on the crystal giving it the purple color and the power not to get the wearer drunk.

Amethyst properties in crystal therapy: it gives peace, serenity, balance and harmony. It dissolves fear and helps to face situations with more awareness. Ideal for overcoming moments of sadness. Druze collect and spread positive energy. Putting them scattered around the home or workplace positively influences the mood of those who frequent them, while putting them on the bedside table promotes sleep.


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