Quartz Pyramide 5,6X3,8 cm 0,110 kg

Code: 11QIA020

Materials: Clear Quartz

Origin: Madagascar

Sizes: 5,6X3,8 cm

Weight: 0,110 kg

33,00 €

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Pyramids are powerful energy stores. They represent the evolutionary process and contain the four elements that converge in a vertex, symbolizing the point where the Universal Energies converge. A pyramid is great for bringing energy and promoting concentration. For this purpose, it can be placed on the various chakras, or it can simply be held in the hand. In meditation it is placed on the forehead to disperse stress and tension. 

Hyaline quartz meaning: the term derives from the Greek "Krystallos Yalos" translated into "Transparent Crystal" or "Clear Ice". Hyaline Quartz is the king of all quartzes. 

Hyaline quartz properties in crystal therapy: it enhances and increases the properties of the stones that come into contact with it; it also neutralizes the negative energies and amplifies the positive ones; slows down the aging process and revitalizes the mind. He knows how to give energy or remove it if it is in excess. It greatly strengthens the aura, and is used to activate and align all chakras, providing more energy.

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