Smoky Crystal Points Polished 2,5X2,5X8 cm 0,075 kg

Code: 09QFU028


Origin: Madagascar

Sizes: 2,5X2,5X8 cm

Weight: 0,075 kg

16,00 €

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Stoned quartz: support base and tip. 

The tips are column-shaped crystals that end, at one end, with a more or less regular pyramidal tip (while the other was connected to the base of the crystal from which it was detached). They are used as energy generators by placing them in the corners of a room to harmonize it or on the desk, or used for meditation. 

Smoky Quartz Meaning: Smoky Quartz or Smoky Quartz is a variety of quartz. It is also called morion quartz. The name derives from the color of the crystal (black, brown). 

Smoky quartz properties in crystal therapy: "stone of difficult times" because at the same time it is a strong antidepressant, a powerful antistress and an inexhaustible source of vital energy. Turning negative energies into positive by nullifying fear, depression and all emotional blocks helps in the process of releasing what you no longer need such as old beliefs, emotions and harmful habits that leave no room to grow, giving you the courage to to make changes and to impose themselves.

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