Natural Agate Free Form

Code: 14AGA002

Materials: Agate

Origin: Madagascar

Sizes: 8,5 x 3,8 x 19,5 cm

Weight: 1,080 kg

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Freeform polished stone.

Agate meaning: From the Greek, Achátes, is a variety of Chalcedony, a generic name that is given to quartz, when this occurs in compact masses of microcrystalline silica with a fibrous-oriented texture. The crystal energy agate is a "stone of magic that brings calm and peace"; its meaning varies from people to people, but Indians, Tibetans and many others have always considered this stone as a true ally to achieve goals without the interference of those who just wanted to "put a spanner in the works".

Agate properties in crystal therapy: already known by ancient peoples who attributed it with the meaning of protective stone and lucky charm; all agates are in tune with earth vibrations and feminine energies. It has a cleaning and protective effect on the aura and in the environments. It favors harmony with oneself and in relationships with others. Help the shy and fearful to strengthen their courage. Giving it as a gift means giving to the person who receives it: luck, strength, courage, protection and well-being.

Please note: this is a natural stone that has been handcrafted, carved and polished. It can therefore present imperfections.

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