Jasper Egg

Code: 08DAS001

Materials: Jasper

Origin: Madagascar

Sizes: 4,6 x 3,3 cm

Weight: 0,083 kg

7,00 €

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The egg is birth, the propulsive action towards something new. Used in treatments, it transmits a particular imprinting, the stimulus to life. Their shape resembles the womb (for this reason they are considered a good luck charm for pregnant women). They are used to amplify the positive vibrations in environments, making them healthy and lucky.

JASPER "stone of righteousness and honesty" Strengthens the physical body. Resistant, solid, reassuring is the stone of stability (it represents the Earth element). Useful for reducing insecurity, fears, disturbing thoughts, guilt feelings. It protects against the danger of feeling too emotionally involved in relationships with other people or things that could harm. All jaspers exert a strong influence on the emotional nature, reducing stress. Wearing jaspers of every color makes you feel relaxed and confident. It strengthens faith in ideals and helps make the efforts necessary to turn purpose into fact. Used as an amulet. It works with the chakras depending on the color of the stone.

Please note: this is a natural stone that has been handcrafted cut, sculpted and polished. It can therefore present imperfections.

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