Amethyst Egg

Code: 08AME005

Materials: Amethyst

Origin: Madagascar

Sizes: ca 5,7 x 4,2 cm

Weight: 0,168 kg

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The egg is the birth, the propulsive action towards something new. Used in treatments it transmits a particular imprinting, the stimulus to life. Their shape resembles the mother's womb (for this reason they are considered a lucky charm for pregnant women). They are used to amplify positive vibrations in environments, making them healthy and lucky.

- In crystallotherapy, AMETHYST: "stone of humility" Promotes introspection, awakens ethical conscience, honesty, sense of responsibility and critical ability. Cleanses, purifies and restructures memory. Gives inner peace, serenity, balance and harmony. It dissolves fear, ideal for overcoming life's difficult moments. It helps in case of insomnia, drives away nightmares and makes dreams clearer.

- Amethyst is connected to the sixth chakra.

- Amethyst is the birthstone of the Pisces zodiac sign.

Please Note: This is a natural stone that has been hand cut, sculpted, and polished. It may therefore have imperfections. If you need more photos and videos please contact us.

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