Keychain with Orbicular jasper

Code: 31DOR001

Materials: Orbicular jasper

Origin: Italia

Sizes: Lenght 6 cm, stone 3,5X2,2 cm

Weight: 40 gr

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Keychain with Orbicular Jasper stone and steel chain.

Meaning of the name Orbicular jasper or ocean jasper: orbicular jasper is a variety of jasper and it can be found in many colors but all have the characteristic round spots that recall the orbits of the planets and for this reason it takes the name "orbicular". Not only that, it is also called "ocean jasper" as the main deposits are found in the sea, along the north-western coast of Madagascar and to extract it you have to wait for low tide.

Orbicular jasper properties in crystal therapy: it is a unique stone thanks to its designs and colors, in crystal therapy it is called the "stone of renewal". It instills optimism and security, relieves stress, helps resolve conflicts and reduce fears and negative thoughts.

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