Choker Necklace Tourmaline chips

Code: 24TOR001

Materials: Argento, Tourmaline

Origin: Italia

Sizes: Length 41 cm max

20,00 €

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The image is purely representative. The size of each stone may vary slightly from what is indicated.


Choker Necklace with Tourmalines. Silver clasp. 

TOURMALINES: "rainbow stones" give friendship, love, money, health, peace, courage. Tourmaline in every variety and color heals and strengthens the body systems, introducing the power of the spirit into the nervous system. They help balance the endocrine system, promote sleep, strengthen and vitalise. Align the subtle bodies. They drive away fear and negative conditions. They bring focus and inspiration by enhancing sensitivity and understanding. They help us to resolve situations with no way out and the moods in which we feel trapped or exhausted.

Please note: all necklaces and chokers have been handcrafted and are customizable. If you have a particular request or need information, contact us by whatsapp message at +39 3917071031.

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