Merkaba Pendant Rose Quartz

Code: 19QRO004

Materials: Metallo argentato, Rose quartz

Sizes: stone 2 cm, chain 22 cm

Weight: 5 gr

11,80 €

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Merkaba pendulum in metal and rose quartz.

Merkaba symbol of healing and protection. This geometric shape is able to connect the human body to the frequencies generated by the forms of sacred geometry contained in it. It is important that our body is in contact with forms of positive energy as it is only through them that we can obtain good health, peace and tranquility of the spirit. The Merkaba, as a physical object, therefore represents the image through which everything is created, according to geometric patterns that surround each body.

PENDULUM: It is used to verify the energies of the Chakras. The chain or thread of the pendulum is held between the thumb and forefinger, without squeezing the fingers too much and without stiffening the hand and wrist, The pendulum can rotate clockwise (direct positive direction), or counterclockwise (reverse negative direction) . For personal use or to test the energy of the stones, you need to become familiar with your pendulum and verify your yes and your no.

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