Ghost Master Quartz, Phantom Quartz

Code: 09QFU061

Materials: Quarzo fumé

Sizes: 2,1 x 1,7 x h 4,5 cm

Weight: 28 gr

20,00 €

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Master crystal, ghost quartz point.

PHANTOM QUARTZ. Inside it shows a thin white veil, sometimes colored, formed at the point where its growth has paused. A mysterious beauty emerges from what appears to be a limitation.

The Crystal of the great dialogue with oneself. This crystal is used to work on the past and the future, on past lives, on situations related to space and time. Works specifically in helping to overcome the periods of impasse that one faces in life. Faced with moments in which starting to grow, evolve or simply move forward becomes complex, the PHANTOM quartz teaches you how to get back on your feet and in motion, escaping the desire to give up and let go and recovering strength, courage and faith. This crystal helps to consider the critical moments of one's existence and instills that sense of magic that most people have lost somewhere along the way. It is essential for those in search of their own spirituality. The ghost crystal is suitable for meditation and is useful for going to find buried and forgotten memories.

Please note: these crystals, these master quartzes may also contain small "imperfections", inclusions and natural cavities which make them even more special.

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