Quartz scepter, Capped Amethyst

Code: 09QAM001

Materials: Amethyst

Sizes: 5 - 6 cm

Weight: 20 - 40 gr

10,00 €

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The image is purely representative. The size of each stone may vary slightly from what is indicated.


Quartz scepter or hood. It is believed that «crystals of this kind were used, in Atlantis and Lemuria, in healing ceremonies, and that they were a symbol of power: whoever held or wore a crystal-scepter covered the role of high priest/priestess. The scepter carries the spirituality of the highest planes in healing ceremonies, and is able to focus the energy deep down to the "heart" of the problem. It transmits awareness and authority, favoring the achievement of any kind of goal, even the most difficult.


Please note: Shapes and sizes can change from one piece to another. The samples to be sent are randomly chosen by us from the batch of material available and we always try to choose the best for our customers. We remind you that if you want to choose one of our products from a multiple listing you can contact us before purchasing and we will be happy to try to meet your requirements.

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